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Updated April 17, 2024

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F1235.    early British pistol converted from flintlock to percussion, 7.8" round, .70 caliber barrel, the metal is in great shape, smooth with a medium gray / brown patina, the wood is also in great shape, the barrel and stock are both stamped 83, the brass furniture really sets it off, the action is tight and works well, only draw back is the ram rod is MIA

UP1174.    militia panel plate in excellent condition, the face features a raised wing eagle with patriotic shield, has laurel branches in one talon and arrows in the other, surrounded by a decorative border with 12 stars, has a pleasing mellow brass patina, the reverse has the belt loop and tongue hook, this is a well made plate with great detail and is slightly heavier than many I see

DC620.    dug Confederate infantry cast I button, it is in good shape but does have ground action, greenish-tan patina, good shank, recovered in North Georgia

DR4083.    round, stamped brass harness decoration, 1.25" diameter, face is in good shape, reverse is lead filled, has a center split attachment prong that went through the leather  then folded over, found in Middle Tennessee

L439.    pattern 1839 "baby" U S waist belt plate on the original infantry or rifleman's white buff leather belt, the plate is in fantastic condition with a mellow brass patina, the reverse retains both hooks, the white, buff leather belt is also in great shape, strong and pliable, retains the correct standing loop, measures just under 30" long, it has a name stenciled on the inside that I can't quite make out, rare find 

M1043.    here is a rare find, a door for the Maynard tape primer, other than slight wear on the eagle, it is in great shape

DR4081.    rifle powder flask that has a large chunk out of the bottom, I've had guys suggest it was bullet struck, exploded, etc., but I suspect the powder ate through it all those years in the ground, regardless it is a cool relic, civilian style, charhing spout is MIA, it was dug with five round balls and three percussion caps, makes a nice display

DR4082.   Richmond rifle multi tool in good dug condition, rare find

EW1048.    Mackay & Chisholm bowie knife, they were a renowned maker in Edinburgh, Scotland most famous as silversmiths, this knife shows their expertise as silversmiths in the hilt which is truly a work of art, this knife was a high dollar weapon in it's day, no doubt owned by someone very well off, it measures 16.25" long overall with a 10.73" long, 1.6" tall, clip point blade, the ricasso is stamped MACKAY & / CHISHOLM / EDINBURGH, it has much of it's original bright finish showing through but has begun to darken, this weapon was used as it shows signs of wear and hand sharpening, and the spine has been hammered on slightly, it remains very sharp, what's remarkable is the silver hilt with it's intricate design, truly a work of art, this is a weapon that will be a center piece in any collection

DR4079.    brass throat and drag from a NCO sword scabbard, they were dug from the same location in Franklin, TN, the throat was in an open field and has a beautiful green patina caused by lime fertilizer, the drag was dug a few feet away in the woods and has a medium brown patina

DR4078.    U S bridle boss in very good dug condition, it is the style without a period, strong, raised U S letters on a stippled background, dug many years ago in the Chickama

DR4077.    nice group of relics recently dug in Middle Tennessee, a rough U S box plate, 2 nice general service eagle shield buttons, 5 .58 caliber 3 ring minies, all with slight damage, a rifle sling swivel, and a pocket knife, makes a nice display

EW1047.    Model 1860 light cavalry saber made by D. J. Millard of Clayville, NY,  Millard was the rarest maker of these having only one contract for 10,000 sabers, they are often in poor condition when found all being early war produced in 1862, this example however is in great shape, the blade is full length and free of nicks, it retains it's original bright finish but has begun to darken slightly, the ricasso is marked D. J. MILLARD / CLAYVILLE, N Y, the obverse is stamped U S / C.E.W. / 1862, it has the original leather throat washer, the blade fits tightly to the hilt with no wiggle, the hilt is also in very good condition, it has the original wire braid and leather wrap on the grip, the leather has a small split from shrinkage, the brass, three branch guard is in perfect shape and has a mellow attic patina, the pommel cap is stamped with the inspector initials C.E.W. for armoury sub inspector Charles E. Wilson, overall this is a much nicer saber than most made by Millard which are very difficult to find in any condition

DR1047.    dug Confederate short artillery sword blade that was dug several years ago by a friend of mine, Ray Treece, at Shiloh, TN, the metal is strong and solid, it measures 22.5" long including the tang, and the blade is 18" long with the tip being blunted, moderate, uniform pitting, it is the style without blood grooves most often seem on swords with the C and S in the quillons, this will look awesome in a dug weapons display

L438.    Model 1851 sword belt rig, the leather is strong and pliable, has crazing and some finish loss on the leather, has a great looking plate, it is an enlisted man's or NCO's with the applied silver wreath, shows wear on the high spots and has a mellow attic patina, the reverse has the small hook and is bench marked 384, the keeper fits perfectly but it is bench marked 322, has both drops with the hooks, also retains the upper sword hanger, the really cool thing about it is that it has a period repair, the soldier either reinforced a weak spot or repaired a tear by adding a piece of leather and clamping it on with a keeper from an infantry belt, cool rig with a lot of character

DR4075.    stamped brass bridle rosette with a horse head motif, reverse is lead filled and still retains the attachment loop, 1.5" diameter, this was dug many years ago in a Confederate camp outside of Murfreesboro, TN, cool relic

DR4074.    Ames Model 1832 artillery short sword dug many years ago in Shiloh, TN in fantastic shape, the blade is full length with a dark brown patina, it has slight pitting that is more prevalent on one side, you can still see the 1845 production date on the ricasso and the Ames eagle on the opposite side, the blade fits tightly to the brass hilt with no wiggle, one side of the cross guard has the inspector initials W A T for Captain William A. Thornton and the opposite is stamped N W P for Nathan W. Patch, good detail to the grip, overall a great example of a sword that is seldom found dug, particularly in this great of shape 

CB1047.    very rare, unopened package of cartridges for a .31 caliber Colt Pocket revolver in very good condition, the lettering on the face is strong and clear, I particularly like the revolvers around the edge, there is a tear on the top of the package revealing the bottom of one of the paper cartridges, again, these have become about impossible to find especially in this great of condition, displays well on its own, or will go fantastic with your Colt Pocket revolver

UP1173.    U S waist belt plate, it is the early style that has peened on stud hooks covered in lead, it is just as dug several years ago in Nashville, TN with only the dirt lightly rinsed off, the face has strong letters, one edge is bent downward, the reverse has full lead and all three hooks

F1234.    Remington New Model Army revolver in relic condition, it could be a very early pick-up or a barn find, the metal has very slight pitting and a dark brown patina, the back of the ramrod catch is MIA, and the forward end of the cylinder pin is broke off, the trigger guard is also MIA, it was produced early in the war being serial number 35932, the hammer still moves and holds in both positions and falls crisply when the trigger is pulled, the cylinder will move but does not index, displays well

BC1046.    six, .56 caliber bullets for the Colt revolving rifle in very good condition

F1233.    Burnside carbine in very good condition, the metal is smooth and free of pitting, it has a dark brown patina, the lock plate has a clear BURNSIDE RIFLE CO. / PROVIDENCE R I stamping, the barrel is marked CAST STEEL 1862, the frame at the breech is marked BURNSIDE PATENT /  MARCH 25TH 1856, the stock is also in very good condition with just a few expected small bumps, the left side has the sling bar and ring, the action is strong and works perfectly, the frame has an early serial number of 12710, the breech block is number 33955, but the patinas are a perfect match, overall an well above average Burnside that is very affordable due to the numbers

CP545.    Model 1808 variant, clip corner militia plate used as a waist belt plate, it was dug many years ago at Spanish Fort, AL by the late R. E. Neville and is in good, as dug, condition, the face has a scratch or two and a small chip out of the edge, the reverse has all three hooks, many of these early plates were pressed back into service by the Confederacy

L437.    here's a really cool relic, a field made carbine sling using a waist belt, the belt is dry and crazing and it is in two on the backside, the snap swivel is in great shape and is maker marked by O.B. NORTH, it has a non-descript  buckle, the entire rig very much looks like it would have been Confederate made and used, cool relic

UP1172.    U S waist belt plate dug many years ago in Fredericksburg, VA with just the dirt rinsed off, the face has strong letters and a light brown patina, the reverse has all hooks and full lead

F1232.    9mm pinfire revolver in very good condition, it is a large frame revolver with a 4.75" long barrel and six shot cylinder, the metal is in good condition, free of any pitting with a light gray patina, retains the ejector rod and loading gate which are often missing, it also has a lanyard ring so most likely intended for cavalry or naval use, the two piece walnut grips are in great shape, the action is crisp and works well, these weapons were ahead of their time using a self contained cartridge, pinfires were the third most widely carried side arm of the war behind only Colts and Remingtons 

F1231.    Sharps four barrel peppperbox pistol in relic condition, 3.5" long, .32 caliber barrels, right side of frame is marked SHARPS PATENT / JAN. 25, 1859, it is visible, but faint, hammer is MIA, looks to be an early pick-up or barn find, cool relic 

DR4072.    18.25" long section of an officer's sword blade with the pommel cap, the metal is strong and stable with moderate pitting, the brass pommel cap has attractive decoration and is in great shape 

F1230.    scarce Savage Navy revolver in good condition, the metal has tiny, pin prick pitting and a medium gray patina with peppering, it has been intelligently cleaned at some time, the top of the frame has clear Savage name and patent info, the two piece walnut grips are in good condition, the left side has a small chip at the butt, the action is crisp and works exceptionally well, overall a nice example of a rare weapon with only 20,000 made that has seen a lot of service but has been well cared for