Leather Items
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L439.    pattern 1839 "baby" U S waist belt plate on the original infantry or rifleman's white buff leather belt, the plate is in fantastic condition with a mellow brass patina, the reverse retains both hooks, the white, buff leather belt is also in great shape, strong and pliable, retains the correct standing loop, measures just under 30" long, it has a name stenciled on the inside that I can't quite make out, rare find 

L433.    Model 1864 .58 caliber cartridge box with it's original sling in good condition, the leather is strong with minimal crazing, it is a little dry, the outer flap has the embossed U S within an oval, it was also cut for a plate at some time, has the original tins, it also has it's original sling that has had the shoulder plate removed, it has a way cool repair where the ends that affixed to the roller buckles were replaced with sword drops, these were riveted onto the main sling, overall a well used box with a lot of character

L420. carbine boot to be used on a McClellan saddle in excellent condition, the leather is strong and pliable, all stitching is intact, used along with a carbine sling, as nice as I've ever seen

L417. pistol cartridge box in great condition, the leather is strong and pliable with very little crazing and virtually no finish loss, the stitching is tight, belt loops and closure tab are also in great shape, it has either a maker's mark or inspector's mark in the inside of the flap that I can't quite make out, great box that stands tall on it's on, or will look great with your revolver