Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber

EW1006. Model 1840 heavy cavalry saber by Schnitzler and Kirschbaum, one of the premier sword makers of the time, the blade is in great shape, full length and free of nicks, it does show evidence of having been lightly sharpened, this was most often done by Southern troops, it is free of nicks and has a medium gray patina with some original finish still showing, the ricasso is marked S & K, and the obverse is marked Solingen, this double marking is only present on Civil War produced sabers, the hilt is also in great shape with no damage, the brass guard does appear to have been cleaned years ago but now has a mellow brass patina, the leather wrap and wire braid are also in great condition, the scabbard has two "anti-rattle" dents on each side, otherwise it is in perfect shape and has a medium gray patina, these were used by both sides, but were highly favored by Southern troops, this is a great example