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BC1046.    six, .56 caliber bullets for the Colt revolving rifle in very good condition

BC1042.    three Confederate Gardner bullets, a .69, .58, and a one ring .577, all are in very good condition,  makes a great display

BC1025. M&M 266, a high base, .69 caliber French Triangle bullet in excellent dug condition, measures .98" tall x .68" diameter, has the correct blunted nose and a perfectly formed triangle in the base

BC1009. a paper and foil cartridge by Poultney for a Gallagher carbine in great shape, it amazes me that any of these paper cartridges have survived all these years, especially in this fine of condition

BC982. U S base marked .58 caliber three ring minie in great shape, the bullet is free of damage, it has a milky white patina with a few small flakes, the U S mark is a little blurred in the picture but shows up great in person, these have become difficult to find

BC975. Sharps .36 caliber multi-ring bullet in great shape, it was recovered at Devalls Bluff, Arkansas