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M1043.    here is a rare find, a door for the Maynard tape primer, other than slight wear on the eagle, it is in great shape

M1042.    Rev War era horn snuff box in great condition especially for being nearly 250 years old, measures 3" long x .9" tall x 1.4"wide, has slight damage to the hinge and the rod is MIA but the lid still fits tightly and opens and closes well

M1041.    Springfield Model 1816 butt plate in great shape, has a clear U S stamping on the tang, rarer to find than the butt plate, it retains both original mounting screws

M1039.    iron, period cork screw in excellent condition, unique "T"  handle, 4.25" tall, still retains a very sharp point

M1038.    1820's wood snuff box in excellent condition, measures 3.25" long x 1.5" deep x 1" tall, fancy pattern on lid, good hinge, very solid example

M1037.    .40 caliber, brass picket bullet mold in very good condition, casts a conical and round bullet, unique mold to find

M1036.    great little period wood barrel coin bank, measures 2.25" tall x 2" diameter, the two halves fit together tightly, hard to imagine a time when this would have actually held an appreciable amount of money, cool period relic

M1032.    carbine snap swivel in very good condition, all parts move freely and the closure spring is strong, it is very close to a standard U S snap but I believe it may be a C S copy, the edges are more squared off than the U S  and it just has a slightly different look, also could be from a scarce U S maker

M1031.    early militia tin drum canteen in very good condition, smaller size measuring 6" diameter x 1.75" wide, it has a hand carved wood stopper, retains two of the sling brackets, rust free, has a couple of small pushes from use, cool find

M1026. nice powder flask, unusual "medium" size, measures approx. 6.75" tall x 2.75" wide, copper body is in great shape would all seams tight, retains the four suspension rings, the cap is marked JAMES DIXON / AND SONS / SHEFFIELD, the charger works, has rust around the cap that looks like it would clean up, displays well

M1025. Sons of Veterans medal in good condition, shipped in a riker case ready to display

M519. Model 1859 smoothside canteen in very good condition, only has a couple of very small dents from service, retains all three strap brackets, the soldier carved his name, LONE, into the pewter spout, seams are tight, nice example of one of the soldier's most indispensable pieces of equipment

M1018. here's a relic you seldom see, a map / document tube in great condition, 20.8" long, 2.2" diameter, body is lap seamed, ends are lead soldered on, it has a few small dents from use but is in overall fantastic shape

M1015. brass stencil belonging to Sarah M. Cook, 3" x 2", in very good condition, has an arced line and nine stars along with the name

M1012. brass bullet mold for a .31 caliber Colt, it is in great shape, complete with the sprue cutter, it casts a round and conical bullet and could be used today

M1011. fife in very good condition, it is 17" long, pitched in B flat, rosewood body with silver ferrules, maker marked CROSBY above a decorative mark, nice example of one of the most popular Civil War musical instruments

M1010. regulation bullseye canteen out of a GAR hall in good condition, it retains it's shape well with only one very small dent, the two upper strap brackets are in great shape, the bottom one is only half there, has the typical GAR Hall gold paint, looks to have had a label on one side, displays well

M1001. United States Artillery officer's entwined USA bridle rosette in great shape, the face is damage free and has a pleasing mellow brass patina, the reverse has the correct lead backing with brass loop

M1000. U S Model 1859 regulation smoothside canteen in very good condition, it only has a couple of small dents from service, retains all three strap brackets, the pewter spout has slight damage to the rim, seams are tight, very nice example of one of the soldier's most essential pieces of equipment

M999. Model 1859 U S cavalry bit in very good shape, low port style, retains one of the U S bosses, looks to be a barn find, displays well

M994. copper, civilian, rifle or shotgun powder flask in very good condition, large flask measuring 8" tall x 3.25" wide, has an attractive, decorative design on each side, all seams are intact, the style that did not have carrying rings, graduated powder measure on the spout, closure works well, has a pleasing honey patina

M979. here is an ingenious relic, a traveling inkwell, it is a glass vial inside a rosewood container, there is a spring in the base of the container that keeps the vial pressed against a cork disc in the top to keep the ink from spilling or drying out, it is 2.2" tall with a 1.2" diameter, beautiful piece

M970. French made, three pull field telescope in very good condition, the leather covering is in good shape with the stitching intact, it has good optics, has an internal closure for the eyepiece and a cap for the opposite end, measures 6.25" long closed and 16.75" fully extended

M964. scarce, Infantry officer's false embroidered hunting horn hat insignia in great condition, has good detail and a mellow brass patina, the reverse has the three attachment wires present, cool relic I hardly ever see any more

M953. Medical Staff officer's embroidered sew on insignia, measures approx. 2" tall x 2.5" wide, the outer wreath is in great shape, but the M S inside is about worn away, still a very rare insignia to find in any condition