Confederate Plates
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CP545.    Model 1808 variant, clip corner militia plate used as a waist belt plate, it was dug many years ago at Spanish Fort, AL by the late R. E. Neville and is in good, as dug, condition, the face has a scratch or two and a small chip out of the edge, the reverse has all three hooks, many of these early plates were pressed back into service by the Confederacy

CP531. beautiful C S two piece waist belt plate in very good dug condition, it has a pleasing greenish-tan patina with strong letters and good detail to the wreath, both belt loops are slightly pulled inward from service, the halves fit together perfectly, it was dug many years ago in the Dalton, Georgia area, wonderful example of a rare C S buckle out of an old Arizona collection

CP534. approximately one third of a C.S.A. rectangle waist belt plate, it is a TN or VA thin style that broke in two between the S and A, reverse has remnants of the tongue hook, no doubt would have many stories to tell if it could talk

CP533. snake from a Confederate three piece buckle in very good condition, brass with traces of the silver gilt remaining, it is 1.6" long, while referred to as a snake buckle this is the style with a two headed duck, shows a lot of wear from use

CP530. Confederate "wishbone" or "forked tongue" frame buckle, this is the scarcer medium size, it measures 55 x 87mm, it is just as dug along the Duck River in Bedford County TN with only the dirt rinsed off, it still has some dried dirt on it that could be cleaned off if desired, it has the fork tongue but unfortunately a very small piece is broke off where it bends around the cross bar, otherwise it is in near perfect shape, it does have one tiny flea bite at the corner that looks like a casting flaw, displays great

CP529. a Confederate "Sardine" style belt plate is one of the most difficult to find, here we have half of one that was dug many years ago at the Battle of Dallas, GA, it is the C half and is in great shape, the reverse even still has both the original brass belt hooks attached, it's a shame this fine plate was broke in half, with complete ones selling for over $9,000.00 this is a bargain

CP513. Confederate brass snake buckle in great shape, it is the style with a "true" one headed snake and the tail has rattles, and the underside has correct belly scales, shows wear from extended use where the loops are, the snake is approx. 40mm long, and the belt loops are 52mm tall, recovered many years ago in the Corinth, MS area 

CP509. iron snake buckle in good dug condition, it is the two headed duck style, the body is approx. 34mm long, the belt loops are approx. 50mm tall, the loops are the same height but do not match, they were dug in North Alabama not far from General Joe Wheeler's home

CP497. plain brass buckle dug in a Confederate camp in Warren County, KY, measures 70 x 43mm, it has a crack on one end, the reverse shows where the wire hook set was soldered on, as Confederate made and used as a marked buckle costing thousands more, cool find

CP474. oval sheet brass plate recovered in the Shiloh, TN area, measures 82 x 62mm, it is in great shape with only a few tiny nicks on the edges, it was slightly bent when dug and the digger straightened it out breaking the patina in a couple of spots, the reverse shows solder where the hooks were attached, cool relic