Dug Relics
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DR4082.   Richmond rifle multi tool in good dug condition, rare find

DR4081.    rifle powder flask that has a large chunk out of the bottom, I've had guys suggest it was bullet struck, exploded, etc., but I suspect the powder ate through it all those years in the ground, regardless it is a cool relic, civilian style, charhing spout is MIA, it was dug with five round balls and three percussion caps, makes a nice display

DR4079.    brass throat and drag from a NCO sword scabbard, they were dug from the same location in Franklin, TN, the throat was in an open field and has a beautiful green patina caused by lime fertilizer, the drag was dug a few feet away in the woods and has a medium brown patina

DR4078.    U S bridle boss in very good dug condition, it is the style without a period, strong, raised U S letters on a stippled background, dug many years ago in the Chickama

DR4072.    18.25" long section of an officer's sword blade with the pommel cap, the metal is strong and stable with moderate pitting, the brass pommel cap has attractive decoration and is in great shape 

DR4071.   rare Colt bullet mold, this style mold was only used/issued with London Colts, brass body with a unique iron sprue cutter, it is in good condition and you can still see the Colt and serial number on the side, it was dug many years ago in the Shiloh area

DR4070.    Enfield socket bayonet dug many years ago in a Confederate camp in Midland, TN, this was along the route the Confederates took after the Battle of Murfreesboro, it is full length and strong and stable, the socket is in great shape, the lock ring is MIA, what makes it really cool, and one of a kind, is the bottom 4.5" have been twisted into an auger shape, this would have been a difficult thing to do, your guess as to why is as good as mine, cool one of a kind relic

DR4068.    pepperbox pistol in good dug condition, the metal is strong and stable with minimal pitting and a dark brown patina, six shot, .32 caliber barrel is four inches long, left side plate, hammer, and trigger guard are MIA, these were widely carried during the war and this one displays great

DR4067.    brass star and crescent cape pin, usually associated with Louisiana troops, it is in good dug condition with slight ground action, rare find

DR4066.    here's a cool find, a U S marked padlock key hole cover, brass, two inches tall with a pleasing green patina

DR4064.    Issacs, Campbell Company knapsack hook set, these were exclusively used by Confederate troops, this set is in excellent dug condition, it is rare to find both halves dug together

DR4060.    battle damaged blade from a Model 1840 heavy cavalry saber, measures 20.25" long, it has minimal, uniform surface pitting and a medium dark brown patina, the end has a slight bend to the left where it was broke, cool relic

DR4053.    cut - down saber bayonet in great dug condition, the blade is just over 13" long with a crude tip, it has a dark brown patina and minimal, uniform surface pitting, it fits tightly into the brass hilt with no wiggle, the latch / release catch is MIA, the brass hilt has several small dings but is in overall very good shape, cool find

DR4042.    pommel cap from what appears to be a Confederate cavalry saber in good shape, has a beautiful green patina, has a small piece of the tang attached, cool relic

DR4041.    female half of an Isaac& Campbell knapsack hook set recovered at Dalton, GA, brass and in very good condition

DR4039.     nice grouping of spur pieces dug in Middle Tennessee including a nearly complete screw on spur,  leg from a "Christmas" spur, both legs from a rooster neck pattern, heavy leg from a CS spur, two other pieces, and  half of an iron spur, makes a nice display

DR4036.    nice grouping dug in the Chicamauga, Georgia area, an infantry horn, two eagle shield buttons, four minies, a Springfield rifle multi wrench, pocketknife, and a brass toe tap

DR4035.    B, C, & D company hat letters dug in North Mississippi in very good condition,  large one inch tall size,  stamped brass

DR4031. Holed, large cent dated 1837, strong detail, hole punched at the top, recovered in North Georgia

DR4029. bullet mold in good dug condition, the iron is strong and stable and it still opens, 5" long it cast a .36 round and conical bullet, it is a quigue casting with the conical bullet having a pronounced angle

DR4021. lock plate and hammer from an Enfield rifle in very good condition, lost with the hammer in the cocked position, has been lightly cleaned forward of the hammer to where you can see the TOWER stamping

DR4010. nice Confederate spur, it is heavily made like a CS4 but has a more graceful neck, one leg very slightly pulled inward from use, mellow brass patina

DR4006. dug Model 1860 light cavalry saber in great shape, the blade is full length with a medium brown patina, it has uniform, slight pitting, the brass three branch guard is slightly pushed in, this type damage was often caused by the horse falling on the rider, it has a pleasing mellow brass patina, displays great

DR3099. Hardee or "Jeff Davis" hat pin in very good dug condition, face has good detail, it does have a crack just below the shield that doesn't go quite all the way across, the reverse has a couple of spots of glue from where it was in an early display, displays well

DR3093. Federal regulation cavalry bit in very good condition, this is the scarcer low port style, it retains one of the U S bosses, it is also maker marked but I can't quite make it out, the metal is clean and stable

DR3091. nice grouping of relics recently dug in a Confederate camp near Mulberry, TN, a musket hammer, front barrel band, sword hanger, spur leg, and four .69 caliber minie balls, 2 drops and 2 fired

DR3086. Federal regulation picket pin in very good condition, retains the figure eight loop for the rope, full length, the iron is strong and stable

DR3985. entwined USA rosette in very good dug condition, the USA is for United States Artillery, it is just as dug with only the dirt lightly rinsed off, the reverse has full lead, the attachment loop is MIA

DR3069. two Confederate sword hooks dug from the same CS camp near Corinth, MS, one is brass and the other iron, the spring is MIA on both, otherwise they are in great shape

DR3062. here's a unique relic, a Confederate sword pommel cap split in half, cool relic that displays well

DR3056. here's a cool find, an eagle cut from a Hardee hat pin insignia, the right wing tip has been glued on, great detail

DR3049. here is a relic you virtually never see dug, a British Sergeants Model rifle tool, it was dug many years ago in Fredericksburg and is in very good condition, complete except for the vent pick

DR3020. beautiful C S heart martingale in super condition, measures approx. 68mm tall x 64mm wide, it has an attractive greenish-tan patina, the reverse has full lead, one of the nicest I've seen in a long while

DR2677. Hardee or "Jeff Davis" hat pin in very good dug condition, nice detail to the face, it's only problem is, as usual, the arrows and laurel branches in the talons are MIA, it was dug many years ago in Nashville, TN by Roger Rochelle

DR2643. here is a cool, unique relic, a regulation cavalry bit that has been slightly modified, each side has been pulled back towards the U S bosses and the reins rings pulled upward, this makes it approx. 5.5" long, standard would be about 8", this was very well done, it retains both U S bosses, has a high port, only one I've ever seen modified this way

DR2639. regulation cavalry picket pin in good condition, it is full length, the iron is strong and stable with slight, uniform pitting, the figure eight loop is MIA, every cavalry display needs one of these

DR2631. rarest of all the Federal bits, a number one ring bit, these were used primarily for breaking horses, this one was dug many years ago in Dover, TN and is in outstanding dug condition, the ring still moves freely, retains both U S bosses with the swirled background, high port with the spring "tickler" still in place, about as nice a dug example as you will ever see

DR2553. Hardee or Jeff Davis hat pin in great dug condition, the face has strong detail, the reverse has the solder marks where the attachment wires were, it has a couple of spots of glue residue where it was on an early relic display, great insignia

DR2548. Confederate martingale in very good condition, measures approx. 2.6" tall x 2.5" wide, plain brass face without a rim, the reverse is lead filled and retains remnants of the three attachment wires, from the Shelbyville, TN area