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A865.    base from a Confederate three inch Read projectile, the iron is strong and stable, has the brass sabot and a clear lathe dimple on the bottom

A863.    nice group of artillery fragments dug along with the remnant of a Bormann fuse in Middle TN

A862. 10 pounder Parrott shell in very good dug condition, the iron is strong and stable with only minimal surface pitting, it has the wrought iron ring sabot, remnants of the fuse, recovered in North Georgia

A852. Frankford Arsenal pack of 15 second fuses in very good condition, it is a paper wrapped wood block containing five 15 second fuses, the paper is in good shape with just a couple of spots worn through, the writing is very strong, dated 1863

A849. five exploded Bormann fuses in good shape, the one on the bottom left is in two pieces, makes a cool display

A841. three inch Hotchkiss shell in good condition, the iron is strong and stable, it has a dark patina and slight pitting, the lead sabot is firmly attached as is the base cup, the top of the brass fuse adapter is MIA, nice, affordable example of one of the most widely used shell of the war

A835. pack of five paper time fuses tied in a plain tan wrapper, the war department put out a circular dated October 23, 1862 saying that all future time fuses would be made at Frankford Arsenal to insure uniformity of size and burn rate, I believe this was a pack that predated this order made at one of the other arsenals, the pack is in good shape but does have a tear at the top showing a couple of the fuses